Girls Cakes Girls Cakes 177456733 177456731 177456729 177456732 177456734 177456735 177456730 Dog cake mini pincher, black lab and jack russell are the birthday girls doggies and she wanted them all on the cake :) All edible 85581930 My little pony cake 2 tiered cake with gumpaste pony on top 84422441 pony close-up 84422442 ladybug smash cake 82943364 Ladybug cake :) 82943365 Hello Kitty cake Gumpaste hello kitty, birthday girl was turning 6 so there were 6 ballons and every other flower stem was a 6 too :) 82943366 close up of hello kitty 82943367 Tinkerbell 2 tiered tink cake. Tinkerbell is a toy. 77852194 Girly Girl cake All edible 77851920 Peace out cake Name embossed int he fondant then painted. Complete with a crazy sock :) 75678068 Graffiti is done with edible markers 75678069 75678070 75678071 the Justice monkey :) Chocolate fondant 75678066 How cute :) 75678067 Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee and Muno cake 75678065 Blues clues BC with fondant figures and accents, the house is RKT covered with fondant, steve is an edible image 72218671 72218672 Tea Party cake 2 sided cake all edible each girl got their own cup to eat :) 68853648 68853645 close up of the tea pot 68853649 close up of the tea cups 68853650 cupcakes for school Buttercream with fondant flowers 68853647 68853646 1st birthday Pink and brown choc fondant 44982250 pink castle All fondant pink castle, 10" round 23354949 Pre-school graduation 4 tier all edible except for the tassle 44982248 sleepover cake Taryn's bday cake, all edible. Girls made out of fondant. 23354863 top of bed 23354864 Abby Caddaby & Elmo cake All fondant with gumpaste figures 60831586 close up of figures 60831587 3D horse head hand carved horse covered in fondant with fondant hair and bow. All edible 23355211 back view of horse 23355212 Doggy cake 2 tiered doggy cake 23355175 fondant doggy fondant doggy and food dish, cake dog house 23355176 hugs & stitches all fondant except butterflies antennas 23355205 Baby jungle cake 7" round, BC with fondant animals and pretzel rod palm trees 23355207 jungle animals Close up of fondant jungle animals 23355208 monkey face This is a choc cake covered with fondant and a fondant painted flower. 23355254 Ashlee's topsy turvy Topsy turvy design, buttercream with fondant accents 23355329 Star mountain This cake is mostly buttercream. The stars and name ribbon is fondant. 23355374 Taryn's Dora cake All fondant except for the Dora and Swiper figurine, palm tree made from pretzel rod and fondant leaves 23355387 Bug cake All fondant except for the ladybugs 23355388 Princess birthday All fondant 23355427 Florida panther BC with fondant accents, the animal is cake covered with fondant 44982253